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Don’t get caught off guard by power failure.
EXERGIE’s IOT remote monitored power solutions keep assets “always on” and tracks energy usage, optimizing performance.


Critical Infrastructure.

Our regenerative hydrogen fuel cell back-up power systems ensure all critical infrastructure stay running and service is continuously rendered, during extended outage periods.


While the tech/telecom sector continues to grow, service continuity, uptime and outright uninterrupted power are key performance indicators for its operators.

EXERGIE fuel cells are a superior alternative built for specific telecom backup power needs, they are noiseless, provide better total cost of ownership, consume less space, are lighter than batteries or generators, and can be sighted anywhere even on rooftops.

More of its advantages are:

INDEFINITE RUNTIME: Batteries are NOT suitable for storing large amounts of electricity overtime. However, our hydrogen fuel cell offers indefinite runtime, from a few seconds to several months of OUTRIGHT UNINTERRUPTED POWER (LITERALLY LIMITLESS) with additional hydrogen storage.

ZERO EMISSIONS & QUIET: No toxic waste, no fuel emissions, noiseless hence conducive for standard work environments.

RELIABLE OPERATION: Minimal maintenance requirements with 99.98% start efficiency.

IOT REMOTE MONITORING: For control, energy tracking and malfunction alerts, detecting problems before they occur.

LOW COSTS: Much lower capital & operational costs, than batteries and diesel generators, driven by its long lifetime.

SCALABLE & EASY TO INTEGRATE: Could be seamlessly added to existing renewable infrastructure like SOLAR and WIND for much better performance.

  • Financial Services

The disadvantages of power outages are numerous, costing data centres millions in losses per minute.

While banks have traditionally depended on utility power, with diesel generators and bulky battery stacks as mandatory back-up, the disadvantages are numerous. From unpredictable/unreliable power, volatile pricing, expensive maintenance, limited runtime, low storage capacity during prolonged outage periods among others.

EXERGIE fuel cells mitigate these problems and generate superior power for data centres and mission critical applications at high efficiency. They are scalable and can be stacked in modular forms to match any power requirement while giving off zero emissions.

Compared to batteries or diesel generators, they are a better option ensuring financial transactions and operations continue regardless.

EXERGIE’s outdoor cabinet fuel cell solution provides 16 hours of RENEWABLE, RELIABLE back-up power, and up to 20 hours coupled with a Solar PV, producing regenerative power for small businesses and communal needs.

Businesses are continually searching for an alternative reliable power source, with less impact on the environment. Evidently because traditional back-up generators are expensive to purchase and maintain, coupled with fluctuating fuel prices.

They are powered by fossil fuels, pollutive and unsuitable for healthy living conditions.

EXERGIE’s fuel cell solution, provides reliable uninterrupted backup power for industries, and small-scale enterprises with no need for expensive/regular maintenance.

This solution is perfect for retailers, fuel service stations, complexes, offices, and factories in need of outright uninterrupted electricity to keep business systems operational, with zero-interruption.

The back-up capacity of an EXERGIE stationary fuel cell varies from a few KW (kilowatts) to over 1GWe (Gigawatt), and its biggest advantage is more hydrogen could be produced on-site whilst electricity is being generated and consumed through a simple process of electrolysis, making it IDEAL for business continuity.

With the ever-growing demand for residential and Industrial backup power applications, high energy tariffs, high costs of purchasing & maintaining carbon emitting generating sets, coupled with increasing fuel/diesel prices, our STATIONARY FUEL CELLS which can be installed anywhere, are best for decentralised power supply in off-grid communities and residences.

FUEL CELL backups have a 60% higher efficiency, than expensive carbon emitting fuel/ diesel generators and they are characterized by the following advantages:

  • Indefinite autonomous operation.
  • IOT remote monitoring & intelligent sensors that control, track and upload usage info, detecting problems, stating due maintenance & malfunction alerts. Allowing issues to be fixed before they occur.
  • Long service life, hence, no need for frequent maintenance.
  • Low maintenance costs due to lack of moving parts.
  • Quiet (locally) emission-free electricity generation.

Also, in the need for expansion and more power, there is no need for more room. Only more hydrogen is produced and stored.

Retail chains are taking advantage of solar hydrogen fuel cells to power their outlets and warehouses across the globe.

EXERGIE fuel cells provide primary power & backup power to retail sites, warehouses.

Since these systems operate independently from the grid, they supply without disruption from grid failure or blackouts.

For the retail sector, the main advantage of our fuel cells is arguably the elimination of battery storage, changing and charging areas, allowing that space to be regained and utilized to hold more products.

Our energy consultancy services are tailored to specific client requirements, combining & utilising renewable resources from Hydrogen Fuel cells, Solar Power, Wind & Biofuels for efficiency.

We provide expertise across the sector via technical, commercial, and regulatory counsel to cooperate bodies, utilities, developers, tech companies, institutions, intended projects and across government levels, highlighting specific sources from which the energy is derived.

All these aimed at shaping strategy, improving operations, capturing value, reducing energy costs & consumption, reinvesting excess spending’s & enhancing profitability, while targeting a carbon neutral life cycle assessment, without disrupting trade.

We also prepare bespoke Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Power As A Service (PAAS) Contract Agreements, and Energy Management services to private and public stakeholders and provide world class direction to clients seeking to expand their energy portfolio or acquire renewable assets. 

The expertise of our team is backed by an unparalleled global network of consultants and specialists with cutting-edge knowledge of the industry.

Hydrogen will be the fuel of the future, and step by step it will replace all current fossil fuels. The ability to use a fuel with zero CO2 footprint represents a revolution in the sector”

      –  Aleasoft Energy Forecasting.