We offer diverse purchase and finance contract options which best fit personal and business needs.

To achieve this, we have established partnerships with banks and finance institutions to offer bespoke finance options to our clients. Guarantying savings and predictable pricing, eliminating upfront capital expenditure, ensuring you get outright uninterrupted power on demand.

To eliminate concern of capital cost and asset management, our clientele pay a monthly fixed fee, for power service from our diverse infrastructure.

Ensuring budget certainty and guaranteed savings over a renewable contract period, without making any capital investment.

Whilst we simply install, operate and maintain.

This offering is perfect for large homes, SME’s and Industries demanding non-stop power all year round.

We supply, install and maintain a clean, reliable Solar PV system at your home or choice place, while you pay a simple monthly subscription for electricity produced.

This offering is the finest low-cost means of having needed electricity.

This model enables our clientele lease any of our diverse Renewable Energy Technologies (RET), without making capital investment, by paying a fixed amount monthly towards ownership over an agreed time frame.

This offering is tailored differently to individual clients, large scale businesses and small medium enterprises (SME’s), based on energy demand and financial history.

Clientele who seek to maximize their return on investment can outrightly purchase and install any of our technologies at their facility.

This gives you freedom to capture all economic benefits of producing your power on demand, for notably less than the cost of electricity purchased from the grid.

“Batteries are not suitable in storing large amounts of electricity over time.
A major advantage of hydrogen is that it can be produced from (surplus) renewable energies, and can also be stored in large amounts whilst being consumed for well extended periods of time.”

– Hydrogen Europe